Pastor Shawn Boulter

On a cold winter night, there is something about the colourful, bright lights of Christmas. They break the dark, and bring joy into the eyes of our children. That joy is a good moment for parents, and adults, who often know a world beyond the lights. A world that seems like the winter night, dark and cold. Stories and experiences of grief, violence, sickness, and loss mount our hearts, burden our shoulders, and scrape painfully at our souls.

In moments of reflection, even surrounded by the experience of Christmas, we can feel very alone. But simple lights can remind us of the truth, of the night the angels broke the darkness with song, joy and glory; with a proclamation that we were not alone. That the kingdom of God had come to dwell with us, to dwell in us. That the eternal life and love of God came to reconcile us, through Jesus Christ, to a life and love that does not die. To a kingdom preparing a home for us. To a people being prepared to plunder the darkness, and bring captives free into the light, even after the tree and paper have been put away.

That the truth of God came, not to parallel, but to intimately colour, infuse, expand, and even redefine the truth of our experiences into stories, and reflections saturated with hope, grace and promise. That in those moments of darkness, even the little lights can truthfully remind the believer we are not alone, we are loved, and there is joy to come.

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

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