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October 19, 2014
Pastor David Steunenberg

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The Holy Spirit does an IMMEDIATE work.

When Jesus performed a miracle and healed the paralytic, He spoke the words and IMMEDIATELY the man was whole. (Luke 5:24,25). Again in Acts 3 when Peter and John spoke to the man that was asking for money, they gave him what they had and IMMEDIATELY he rose up and walked – actually he leaped up!

The word IMMEDIATELY in its root also has riches and wealth attached to it.

When Jesus spoke the words, and when Peter and John spoke the words, there was an IMMEDIACEY of the Holy Spirit to make real and alive the words. The riches, wealth and provisions of Heaven were released on those to whom the word was spoken.

You and I can expect an IMMEDIATE response and the wealth of Heaven to be poured out when we speak the words and function and walk in the Holy Spirit.

It is all about being under His influence.

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